Beautiful hands

Essential Manicure

Fabulous express manicure includes a refreshing aloe vera exfoliation, trimming, light massage and polish for the perfect look. 25 mins, $15

Wellness Hot Stone Manicure

This wellness manicure includes all the essentials with a nourishing Keratin
glove treatment filled with botanicals for a warm relaxing hand to elbow massage and polish. 30 min / $20

Hydrating Spa Manicure

A soothing moisture-rich treatment for dry hands featuring delightful Indonesian candlenut exfoliation, warm rejuvenating dermal wrap, relaxing reflexology massage and polish.
45 min / $35

Seasonal Spa Manicure

Discover a new spa manicure every season. Visit our spa to discover the freshest offering. 45 min / $40

Shellac Gel Manicure

This manicure uses a hybrid nail color that brushes on like polish, but holds up like gel. Enjoy gorgeous natural nails that are super glossy, smudge- and chip- free for up to two weeks. Quickly removes without power tools and filing through the use of  dissolving wraps.
45-60 mins/ $40 Color, $45 French

Additional Nail Services
  • French Polish Add-on  $5
  • Keratin Glove Treatment  $5
  • Nail Design Add-on   $5-15+
  • Polish Change   $8
  • Shellac Removing Manicure  $23
  • Shellac to Spa Mani Upgrade  $20
  • Teen Manicure (up to 18)  $10
  • Teen Shellac Gel Manicure  $35
  • Tip Removing Manicure  $26
UV Gel Enhancements*

Sculpt your nails into gorgeous works of art with high performing fragrance-free UV Gel enhancements.

  • UV Gel Fills                                    Clear $45   Color $55    French $60
  • UV Gel Overlays                             Clear $80   Color $90    French $100
  • UV Gel Extensions                          Clear $90   Color $100  French $110
  • UV Gel Repairs                               Clear $5     Color $8      French $10

*Our UV Gel Tip Guarantee

When you put on a new set of gels, your nails take about a month for the gel bond to fully set, stabilize and for you to get used to using your hands with longer nails. Trust us to support you in this transition with our quality assurance which provides any repairs FREE between your maintenance visits for the entire first month.