Looma Spa Services

Beautiful Hands

Enjoy the brilliance of beautifully sculpted, perfectly polished, and long lasting nails giving you that extra sparkle

Happy Feet

Inspired by global spa rituals, our famous signature pedicures are performed with the world’s most premium natural ingredients, autoclaved tools and safe disposable files.

Silky Body

Our unique blend of herbs, clays, sea nutrients, honey and sugar uses the power of natural ingredients to effectively condition, purify and soften the skin.

Radiant Skin

These holistic facials are carefully crafted with active botanicals to treat, soothe, rejuvenate and rebalance the skin.

Rejuvenating Massage

Deeply therapeutic treatments that blend the best of Western & Eastern massage techniques with our signature touch of steaming hot towels, hot stones, and premium essential oils.

Getaway Packages

Enjoy world class spa services in the comfort near your home.  Your loved ones will cherish this special getaway.  Choose your destination.