Our story

” Looma Spa was inspired by the concept of  “Heirlooms”, which celebrates something precious and unique that you hand down to the next generation. Looma Spa is where you discover the best of the world’s beauty rituals to rejuvenate your body and spirit as well as learn timeless tips from various cultures for happy living.  We believe if you are at your best, your family is at their best.

If you feel that you need some quality time after a long day with the kids, feel overwhelmed with your To-Do lists and have a hard time relaxing, or looking for a top holistic spa with a wellness program, its time to nourish yourself with us. Experience the calm beauty and welcoming environment of Looma Spa.  It’s time to bloom!”

To your happiness,

Kristie Kang
Co-Founder & Director

PS: Would you like to join our team? Send us a note to jobs@loomaspa.com with a description of your experience and we’ll get back to you! We are always looking forward to welcoming new members to our amazing team.